Message from the Lin Family

The Lin Family celebrating at Kid's Play

In 2010, shortly after Sarah and Tony welcomed their son Reid into the world, it became evident that there was a void in the greater Memphis area when it came to children and play. Sarah, a former teacher turned stay-at-home mom dreamed of a place that catered to the needs of both adults and children.  Sarah and her friends loved being with their children but longed for a place to enjoy a good cup of coffee, a quick bite, have a conversation with another adult, or simply just relax.  With that, Sarah and Tony began doing their homework - visiting similar concepts in other states, conducting tireless research on play equipment, and searching for the best cup of coffee.  In March 2012, the Lin family went “All in” to make Sarah’s dream become a reality.  After many months of meeting with architects and builders, on November 16, 2012 Kid’s Play the Ultimate Fun Factory and Café opened it’s doors.  Kid’s Play has been a Memphis hot spot ever since, and for that we are very grateful.  We have prided ourselves on providing a safe, clean, and fun environment for kids to play and for adults to relax. 

It is hard to believe that five years has passed.  The highlights of which there are many, include first birthdays, smiles on a child's face when they see a character attend their party, to the kids who come to play on specific days just to play with a particular staff member. We are also extremely proud of the way that we as a Kid’s Play team have given back to the community.  During Christmas, Kid’s Play has adopted families from Hope House in order to give impoverished families a nice holiday.  Kid’s Play Characters have been a staple at St. Jude’s Target House.  The employees that perform as characters have donated their time to be Mickey, the Easter Bunny, Peppa Pig, Chase, and Rudolph—all to bring joy to a sick child.  We’ve also been fortunate enough to host wish granting parties for Make-A-Wish.

In April 2016, Tony accepted a job that required a lot of travel.  Sarah found herself as a single mom Monday-Friday for most of 2016.  We are very fortunate to have an amazing support network of family and close friends in town.   However, Reid and Lucy were shuffled around from school to caregiver to caregiver for much of the year while Sarah ran around to keep Kid’s Play and her home running efficiently.  Sarah eventually had an “a-ha” moment when she had to work on a weekend rather than being able to spend time with her husband and children.  She realized that she was making everyone else’s family happy while her husband and children were longing to spend time with her.  At that point, Tony and Sarah decided that it was time for a change and opted to not renew our lease.

It is with a heavy heart that we publicly announce that December 2017 is our last month in operation.  While the end is near, we will continue to serve the public with our same high standard for customer service.  We will host parties and special events up until we close for good on January 1, 2018.  We have some new equipment in the toddler area, so please make sure that your little ones use it while we are here!  In January, we will be selling the assets.  Should you wish to purchase any of the play or cafe equipment, please contact Tony at 901.275.7637 or

Over the past 5 years, Kid’s Play has prided itself on hiring quality employees and having minimal turnover.  We have staff members that have literally been a part of our business since day one—and for that we are proud.  All of our staff members have decided to stay on with us until the end—so if Jack, George, Hayley, Kayla, Samantha, Denzel, Marie, Polly, Harper, Taryn....are one of your kid’s favorites come and play with them one last time!
As for our future plans, Sarah, Tony, Reid, Lucy, and Charlie (woof!) plan to spend uninterrupted time together on the weekends.  It has been an honor to watch your families grow over the past few years.  We’ve enjoyed celebrating birthdays, character dinners, PLAY-tivities, NOON years parties and more with each and every one of you!  We wish you all a very happy holiday season and a happy and healthy new year!

We Are Located At..

9155 HWY 72 (Poplar Ave) #27
Germantown, TN 38138

(901) 758-1015